Buon Giorno Roma

DSC_5088_2Buon giorno!  Welcome to Ponte Sant’ Angelo, Rome.  Heavily under the influence of jet lag, I woke up before the crack of dawn and made my way to this statue adorned, cobblestone bridge with views of Castle Sant’ Angelo and St. Peter’s Basilica.  As Fiume Tevere, the third-longest river in Italy, lay placid beneath me I watched the sun rise over this majestic city.  It took all that to finally process that…I’m in Rome!!!  In anticipation of sweltering heat, I’m wearing light-colored, lightweight fabrics with my favorite lace shorts.


Top:  DVF, Shorts:  Hollister, Belt:  J.Crew, Shoes:  Jimmy Choo

Sunglasses:  Ray Ban, Handbag:  Louis Vuitton, Jewelry:  no idea, sorry 

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  • Moonbeam

    Love this outfit & love the top! Color looks so good on you! Looked everywhere online and couldn’t find it. Where did you buy it?

    • Got it online and I can’t seem to find receipt :-( It’s either Gilt, Hautelook, or another website. Sorry!
      I think DVF makes few versions of this top in different colors though.

  • bett

    oooh..all your outfits are amazing, but i ESPECIALLY love this one! wish i could rock the lace shorties!! love!

    • Thank you! You CAN rock lace shorts. I’m certain about it!!!

  • Bellissima Mei,

    • Tu sei dolce. Gracie mille!
      Baci :-)

  • I love Rome. Lovely pictures, lovely blog

    Would you like to follow each other?? it would be great if you could check my blog




    • Sure! I like your blog and your style as well!