Monochromatic Studs & Laser Cuts


Happy Mother’s day weekend!  Lately, I’ve been finding myself running from point A to point B only to have to turn around and return to point A.  It’s physically exhausting and, unfortunately, it’s been draining the creative fashionista in me.  It’s times like this that I turn to monochromatic pairing.  Especially black with black.  This is a very similar outfit to one I threw on in ten minutes last weekend before heading out to dinner in San Francisco.  The only difference is I should have worn these knee high socks with are so comfortable yet chic.  I always like to break up a monochromatic ensemble by mixing in texture and/or accenting with a pop of color.  In this case, since my skirt is heavily embellished with studs and laser cuts I skipped the pop of color altogether.  In retrospect, I could of chosen a vibrant lipstick.


Catherine Malandrino was really ahead of the trend with this skirt.  I picked up this skirt three years ago and, at the time, it looked so futuristic.  Today, it’s right on par with the current trends this season.  In fact, I can’t seem to take my eyes off of anything with laser cuts.  Be forewarned, more laser cuts to follow! 😉

DSC_7601_2 DSC_7668_2

This gunmetal necklace is my favorite necklace which I’ve worn in the Deja Blue post.  I would share the brand, but I haven’t a clue.  It was a random find at a local shop in Greenwich Village during my last trip to New York.  What I love most about this necklace is its weightlessness which makes is so easy and comfortable to wear.  Weighty necklaces make me feel shackled and like a slave to fashion.  Never a good thing!

DSC_7761_2 DSC_7824_2


Happy Mother’s day again and thank you for stopping by my blog!

 Jacket: Mike & Chris, Top: Splendid, Skirt: Catherine Malandrino

Shoes: Kenneth Cole (Tres Mignon), Sunglasses: Sama (Atom), Bag: Chanel

  • michael

    Damn, that is one sexy outfit on a seriously sexy woman! 😉

    • Thank you *blush*!!